Sunday, August 15, 2010

Love Your Liver

I just had an epiphany and I had to share! I have been studying many different alternative modalities in search of the keys to better health and wellness. Including Chinese herbal medicine, acupressure, yoga, Ayurveda, raw foods, whole food vegan (of course), fasting, juice feasting, quantum biofeedback, reiki, massage, prayer and meditation to name a few. And although I have learned and healed a great deal from applying these new ideas and ways of living I am not where I want to be yet. So here is where the epiphany comes in.....the liver. Yes, this is so simple and it makes total sense. In Traditional Chinese Medicine the liver is associated with the spring, bitter herbs and flavors help support it and it also supports other organs. We know that the liver is the organ that filters our blood of toxicity. If our liver function is sluggish than toxins can build up in excess in our bloodstreams and cause problems (especially for those of us who have a delicate hormonal system). So I am beginning a routine of gently supporting my liver on a daily basis. Using foods like lemons, limes, garlic and turmeric and herbs like dandelion and milk thistle. I hope to assist my body in detoxifying through the liver. Then going on to other organs such and the colon and kidneys. Why the liver first? Well, since the liver is associated with the spring I realized that this is because the liver comes first, like spring time, everything is new and the first buds, flowers and sprouts are beginning to grow. It's that simple.

Love your liver gentle herbals:

juice of one lemon in warm water every morning
Milk thistle Tea
Dandelion Tea
Licorice Tea (don't use if you have blood pressure issues)
A teaspoon of Turmeric powder in water or non-dairy mylk

Peace (it's good to be back, sorry I was gone so long :-/)
Herbal Eranah