Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sacred Body, Sacred Diet (part 1)

I know it has been quite a season since my last post but I have been very busy with my artwork and youth programs. We are going to have a summer youth program so much of my creative energy is going into the planning!

Today I wanted to talk about The Sacred Diet, it is a plant based dietary program that includes whole food supplements. It also includes ample raw foods, fresh juices, gentle cleansing and exercise. But its so much more. The Sacred Diet is an idea, its a way of approaching our food and it's the basis for the idea of being a "Whole Food Vegan". What we want to eat and what is good for us is not necessarily the same thing all the time. However, when our goal is wholistic health and vibrancy our desire begins to blend with our conscious. As our tastes change we no longer reach for a candy when we want something sweet, we begin to be satisfied with the sweetness of fruits. We really know we are on the right track when we can taste the sweetness in veggies!

The Sacred Diet is based on the idea that our bodies are a temple for our spirit. That our body is so much more than a physical thing. The Sacred Diet is an expression of self love and when you share you sacred meals is an expression of loving others! It is also an expression of love and gratitude towards that which created our temples and our environment.

As far as the meal plan goes it is Whole Food and Plant Based, meaning no processed foods everything is made from scratch. This prevents us from ingesting any additives, preservatives and/or flavorings which can be innocuous threats to our health.

Some of the whole food supplements include sesame seeds, powdered kelp and parsley (these are all included in the meal pictured above). There are a couple more but I want to just talk about a few today. Including whole food supplements in our diet can assist us in maintaining our daily intake of vitamins and especially minerals. Rather than getting them from synthetic supplements we can know we are getting healthy and balanced nutrition when we apply the Sacred Diet to our lives.

The little, humble sesame seed is a nutritional powerhouse that is usually over looked but occasionally sprinkled on the top of bread. They are rich in the B complex vitamins, vitamins A, D and E; phosphorous, iron, potassium, magnesium, zinc and essential fatty acids. When consumed raw they contain valuable enzymes. The calcium content in 1 cup unhulled seeds rivals that of one cup cow's milk. The amino acid profile makes it one of the best sources of plant based protein.

Grind them up in a seed grinder and eat about 3 tablespoons a day for ages 9- adult, 2 tbs. for children under 9 and 3 tsp. for infants 7 mo. - 1 year. Consistency is a major factor in obtaining the benefits of any nutritional and exercise program so we need to eat our sesame seeds every day.
(I also love to add black sesame seeds to Asian inspired recipes!)

Asian Cole Slaw
2 cups shredded cabbage

One grated carrot

One bunch parsley

2 Tbs. sesame seeds (I used black and white)

The juice of half a lemon

1 tsp. powdered kelp (optional)

1 tsp. agave or raw honey (optional)

Season with a little tamari, toasted sesame oil and olive oil to taste.
Toss and serve.
With love,
Herbal Eranah