Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Ultimate Elixir Of Life!!!

When I first tried this dark blue green powder called Spirulina I thought *yuk* and then it made my stomach turn. The reason I tried it is because it is a great source of vegan protein, iron and vitamin A. I wanted to do something good for my body. After a while I began to get used to the swampy, fishy taste but it wasn't my favorite thing to drink (one usually mixes it in a liquid if using the powder). I usually tried to hide it in a smoothie.
Fast forward about 6 years to when I first moved to the Virgin Islands and you will find my favorite drink is fresh young coconut water. Anytime I see someone with their cutlash and a pile of young, green coconuts I stop and hand over my 2 bucks with a smile! I know I am about to digest one of the most alkaline and purest forms of water on the planet. Then there is a jelly dessert inside too! Oh, I am in heaven!
Well it just so happens that when combined the Spirulina and coconut water is basically like a blood transfusion in a glass (does that even sound appetizing???) Anyhow, no matter what its nutritional properties are it does TASTE awesome! The same swampy, fishy taste harmonizes and is completely transformed by the sweet, buttery coconut flavor. And its good for you too (did I mention that already?)
So if you have some spirulina in the shelf just sitting there go out and find a young, green coconut. Chop that baby open and pour in 3 teaspoons of the blue-green booster....and drink it down with a smile! BTW Young coconuts are becoming more popular in North America you can find them in asian markets or sometimes at health food stores. If worst comes to worst you can get the water packaged in little drink boxes (watch out for preservatives). Or you can come visit me in the VI and I'll take you to the coconut man! His name is Pete.
With Perfect Love!
Herbal Eranah

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  1. Try alkaline ionized water as well. You can use it with this drink to incorporate additional antioxidants.